Seo Friendly Anti Copy Plugin


Seo Friendly Anti Copy Plugin gives you the ultimate protection for your article without loosing your SEO. Google / robots will be able to crawl your article because this plugin only works for Human not for robots.

Compatible with any theme, No setting requred, No coding experience is required. There is no licence that forbid you to install to  unlimited website.

Update SEO Friendly Anti Copy V.2.0 :
* Bisa Blok Tulisan, Bisa Copy Tulisan, Tapi Paste Tulisan Lain.
* Matikan Script tidak bisa Blok Tulisan, tapi robot masih bisa membaca tulisan
* Menipu Mata Manusia Tidak Terpengaruh Sama robot
* Bug Fixed
* Mobile Friendly has clearly expressed its responsibility and commitment to providing protected and clean files to download since as a part of that dedication we decided at an opportune time. Therefore, Seo Friendly Anti Copy is completely free from virus, malware, adware, etc. Feel free to download your software from our website.

Seo Friendly Anti Copy details and Download Link

Software Technical and Information
Software Name : WordPress Plugin
Date Added : 2017.03.06
Category : Plugin
Language : English
Lisence : Free For Friend
Requirements : WordPress All Version
WordPress Plugin
Free For Friend – 2017.03.06
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